FirePaw Dog Treadmills

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The Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill - Slatmill is a top-selling model renowned for its exceptional value in the premium manual dog treadmill category. It is favored by both professional and amateur trainers for its extensive workout options and superior craftsmanship. This model is the most frequently used treadmill in European treadmill races and is considered the standard in the discipline.

Featuring custom main aluminum wheels and fast roller wheels, the Firepaw Phoenix offers impressive inertia, enabling intense sprint sessions for maximum speed or enduring stamina workouts. This treadmill is an excellent training tool for all dog types, aiming to enhance endurance, muscle gain, weight loss, or general physical conditioning.

Each unit is welded from solid steel and meticulously handcrafted in our workshop using high-quality materials, ensuring attention to every detail. It comes with an 18-month warranty.

Additional features include:

  • Free custom design available in various colors.
  • A shock-absorbing system to protect joints.
  • Manual power push capable of 8-10 free spins.
  • Mobility wheels and handles allowing easy relocation by a single person.
  • Plastic sides for brief workout monitoring.
  • Detachable sides for simplified storage and assembly.
  • An adjustable dog fixing bar.
  • A speed computer to measure distance, time, and speed.
  • Adjustable front legs to simulate different slopes with three levels of adjustment.
  • Customizable stickers, a disc brake for instant stopping useful in precise training scenarios, a plastic running belt designed for noise reduction and moisture resistance, and newly designed Firepaw running wheels that offer less noise, enhanced shock absorption, and increased durability.


Use a measuring tape and put it all around your dog’s neck. Make sure you don`t hold it too tight on your pet’s neck. Just leave 2 fingers of space. If you don`t have a measuring tape, you could use a short rope to measure with.



Important: All our dog collars have at least 4 adjustment holes, every 2,5 cm (1 inch).

If your dog is still young and growing, make sure you order the size fitting him on the first hole.

Our sizes are overlapping. So the last hole of the smaller size complies with the first hole of the bigger size.

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