Shipping information

Yes! We can deliver your desired item worldwide at a reasonable price!

"Bestia Custom Dog Gear" offers you the same high value shipping service like our products. We are working with the biggest and best logistics companies to provide our customers the fastest and best service available for their country of residence. We consider price and reliability for your destination and choose the best service to deliver our goods to your door step.

The Express shipping is provided by:
DHL Express/ UPS Express
Tracked & insured packages. Transit times: 24h in Europe, 48h to the USA and other countries.

After your package has been sent, you will receive the tracking number by mail from our system. 

Note: Some of
our items have many different options you can choose from, like size, color, leash attachment, decoration color, etc. Therefore your item may not be on stock at the moment of your purchase. In this case we will work out the item of your choice within 7 days. We will inform you as soon as it is ready and shipped out.