BESTIA DOG SPORT GripPro Basic Harness

$63.20 $79.00

Presenting the GripPro Harness, effective for everyday use and dog training. Constructed from solid nylon webbing, it guarantees durability and safety during training sessions.
Designed for large breeds, this lightweight material offers an ideal fit that is created by adjustable straps, providing improved control and comfort.
The harness can be used for a variety of training purposes due to the three D-ring locations. It offers comfort and stability thanks to its durable construction and lightweight feel.
Dog owners will find it easy because it takes seconds to put on and take off.
With the GripPro Harness, your dog can move freely while remaining controlled and safe.
It is a reliable choice for dog owners,  perfect for regular walks or dog training sessions.

Size chart:

Size Lower Neck Chest Girth
M 11.8 - 19.7 inches (30-50 cm) 17.7 - 27.6 inches (45-70 cm)
L 15.4 - 27.6 inches (40-70 cm) 23.6 - 39.4 inches (60-100 cm)
XL 19.7 - 35.4 inches (50-90 cm) 27.6 - 47.2 inches (70-120 cm)





Use a measuring tape and put it all around your dog’s neck. Make sure you don`t hold it too tight on your pet’s neck. Just leave 2 fingers of space. If you don`t have a measuring tape, you could use a short rope to measure with.



Important: All our dog collars have at least 4 adjustment holes, every 2,5 cm (1 inch).

If your dog is still young and growing, make sure you order the size fitting him on the first hole.

Our sizes are overlapping. So the last hole of the smaller size complies with the first hole of the bigger size.

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