"Stylish" 2 inch wide dog collar

proudly presents:

The "Stylish" collar- all black or all brown version

Made out of 100% genuine leather

This collar has a 4 mm thick base layer from Italian belt leather and a soft leather cushion on the inside.

It is strong and durable but soft and gentle at the same time.

This collar has a total width of 5 cm (2 inch). The buckle and D-ring measure 30 mm (1.2 inch) for sizes M - XL


Size chart:
Size S- fits a neck of 35- 42,5 cm (13.8- 16.7 inch)
Size M- fits a neck of 42,5- 50 cm (16.7- 19.7 inch)
Size L- fits a neck of 50- 57,5 cm (19.7- 22.6 inch)
Size XL- fits a neck of 57,5- 65 cm (22.6- 25.6 inch)

Color: Black/Brown
This collar fits perfectly on small breeds like: French Bulldog, pug, Boston Terrier, Jack Russell, etc..
and also on larger dog breeds, like: Labrador, Retriever, German Shepherd, etc..
 • 100% genuine leather • soft padded • handmade quality • made in Europe • unique design 

Customer Reviews

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Use a measuring tape and put it all around your dog’s neck. Make sure you don`t hold it too tight on your pet’s neck. Just leave 2 fingers of space. If you don`t have a measuring tape, you could use a short rope to measure with.



Important: All our dog collars have at least 4 adjustment holes, every 2,5 cm (1 inch).

If your dog is still young and growing, make sure you order the size fitting him on the first hole.

Our sizes are overlapping. So the last hole of the smaller size complies with the first hole of the bigger size.

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